AYYAZILIM is a certified, internationally trusted systems engineering and manufacturing company, recognised as one of the main players in vectronics and system integration areas, in the Turkish defense industry since 2005. AYYAZILIM, has worked with many companies both in Turkey and abroad and has created many unique solutions. Vehicle electronics (Vectronics) designs of AYYAZILIM are currently being used in nearly 1000 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles worldwide. It has incorporated custom engineering studies into the thermal system and camera system solutions he has acquired in accordance with the established solution partnerships, has provided solutions for meteorological systems, and has applied many various studies such as the integration of radar and electro-optical sensors for military vehicles in different platforms.

AYYAZILIM, adopting an innovative and flexible approach that can meet the changing needs of customers, with advanced capabilities in the ares of design, system engineering, integration, control software, testing systems and logistic support are always ready for new defense industry projects.