We materialize your electromechanical design projects in our IPC certificated production facilities according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards with our experienced team of technicians and engineers.

AYYAZILIM is aware of the importance and necessity of compliance of the works with military standards, thus have its own production area in order to ensure that all these requirements are fulfilled. Cable and harness, vehicle electrical system, such as the lower part of the production of all units can be produced in-house in AYYAZILIM’s facility and all products are delivered after the required tests are done.

Ayyazılım is committed to the need to test all aspects of every product that needs to be delivered, and has established a test area within the production facility. It has created test boxes for dasboard and display and all other units designed and produced by Ayyazılım . Alongside with Continuity tests and Hipot tests, we are one of the few companies who can accomplish Environmental Stress Screening Test (ESS) qualified for MIL STD 810 F conditions.

Electromechanical Units Production and Tests for Helicopter

AYYAZILIM, who carries out studies on the production and testing of electromechanical units, did the production and has provided the test studies of
electromechanical units of a attack helicopter. Cable & harness studies together with ESS and vibration tests has been used in the process.